We are ridiculously excited about taking guests to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Not only is this the most highly anticipated soccer event in the world, but it is set to be a spectacular event owing to the thrilling locations that the matches will take place in. Here are seven reasons why this event is going to be such a great one to attend, and why you should book to come with us:

  • Russia is a really interesting country to visit, and sports give us the perfect reason to go there. There’s so much history to discover, and a rich culture that is very different to our own. Russia is a bucket list destination, and you’ll never regret traveling to this unique country.
  • Soccer is huge in Russia, so you can expect the atmosphere at the games to be amazing. It is the nation’s number one sport, helped in part by some major sponsorship money flowing into the clubs, and many top foreign players have been brought over to play in the Russian premier leagues.
  • The World Cup is always exciting. European teams have dominated in the past three tournaments, and being there to see how they do in the largest country in the world will be really cool (previously the USA was the largest country to host the World Cup).
  • The venues for the tournament are looking superb. Russia has poured a huge amount of cash into renovating existing stadiums, or building completely new ones in which to host the World Cup matches.
  • The Russians knew how to do opulence in the time of the Tsars, and they certainly do now. For high-end travelers, Russia offers a luxurious travel experience that goes beyond what you’d find in many other places in the world.
  • The world saw how Sochi was built to handle the Winter Games, and know this will be handled the same way. The resort city of Sochi put on an outstanding Games and introduced many to the diverse landscape of this spectacular country.
  • There’s already a huge amount of excitement building up in Russia around the games, from both soccer fans and the locals in general. At the recent 1000 Days to the World Cup celebration in Volgograd, there was a huge flashmob dressed in white and doing headers. Russia is abuzz because of the 2018 World Cup, and visitors are going to be welcomed with open arms to each city the matches will be held in.

If the 2018 World Cup is on your bucket list, contact us so that we can start planning out your perfect itinerary. We can get you there, put you in the very best hotels, arrange the tickets you want, and plan excursions in Russia where you’ll be properly taken care of by both our knowledgeable staff and local guides.


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