The Formula One Grand Prix is an event that is held in a number of major cities around the world. The 2015 Chinese Grand Prix features new track designs that are a thrill in themselves even before the cars start zooming by. The Shanghai International Circuit is a futuristic venue that reflects the dynamism and excitement of the city.

This does not mean that Shanghai is all concrete however. It has held on to its traditional charm and boasts a number of historic landmarks, parks and gardens. A trip through the city during Formula One season is one of the most enjoyable times to experience Shanghai.

2015 Chinese Grand Prix Packages

There are a number of Chinese Grand Prix packages you can choose with Roadtrips. Complete premium packages including booking your flight to Shanghai, accommodation bookings, airport transfers to your place of accommodation and a private guide, hostess and chef who speak English if you so wish. Once you are settled in, you will be taken to the pit to enjoy a tour and you’ll have a choice of premium race day viewing including practice days if you wish.

While it may be the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix that takes you to Shanghai, you would do well to make the most of your time there and see more of the city.  There are for instance the majestic skyscrapers like the Shanghai Global Financial Center and Jinmao Tower that seem to touch the sky.  There are also landmark buildings to visit such as the Shanghai International Convention Center, Pudong International Airport and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower that epitomize technology and modernity.

In between the buildings are quaint old streets and lanes that you can go exploring in the downtown area. Other interesting stops you can make are the Bund and Huangpu River. Huangpu River is also popular as Shanghai’s mother river. It splits the city into the east and the west, and also has a number of attractions surrounding it. One of these popular attractions is the Bund, the symbol of Shanghai which is located on the east side of the city. The Bund boasts a number of modern commercial buildings as well those built back in the 1930s in European architectural styles. At night when the bright lights come on, the view along the wide riverside promenade is quite stunning.

Another architectural stunner is Yuyuan Garden. It’s the most expansive ancient garden in Shanghai and is a beautiful portrayal of fine ancient Chinese architectural styles. The garden is divided into six, each part with its own style. The most prominent part of the entire garden which stands right at the center is the Grand Rockery.  Not too far from the garden is the City God Temple, which has local snack shops all around so you can stop for a bite.

You will want to take mementos from the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix with you, and Nanjing Road is just the place to get them. This is the leading commercial street in the city. It stretches over 5.5 kilometers over which are more than 600 shops that receive an average of 1.7 million visitors every say. You’ll find mixed wares here, from luxurious designer brands to local, affordable souvenirs.

Another stop you should make in between races is Xin Tian Di. You will leave here with a rich experience of the history and culture of the city. Made up of old and new architectural styles, this is a hot and fashionable pedestrian street in the city center with several outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants everywhere.

To learn more about the exciting attractions you can visit during your 2015 Chinese Grand Prix travel experience, contact Roadtrips today.

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