The Stanley Cup is to ice hockey what the World Cup is to soccer. It is the most important professional club championship of ice hockey and also the oldest sports trophy in all of North America. The 2013-14 season kicked off on October 1, 2013 and tickets are selling like hot cakes. But with only a few games left to be played, including the finals, you still have time to watch your favourite teams battle it out on ice.

The Stanley Cup has a history that is more than a century old. First contested in 1893 between amateur teams, it became an annual championship between professional teams in 1914. From 1914 until 1938, it was a best-of-five series played between the champions of the National Hockey Association (NHA) and the champions of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA). Since 1939, it has been contested as a best-of-seven series of the National Hockey League (NHL), played between the champions of the Eastern and Western Conference.

The National Hockey League (NHL) season is divided into the regular season, and the Stanley Cup playoffs. The 2013-14 NHL regular season commenced on October 1, 2013, will end on April 13, 2014 after a total of 1,230 games. The Stanley Cup playoffs will begin on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. The three top-seeded teams from each division along with two wild card teams from each conference will face each other in the playoffs.

The 2014 Stanley Cup Finals has all the major teams lined up to battle for the top spot. Whichever team wins four of the seven games between the champions of the Eastern and Western Conferences will win the Cup. As always, the final games will be played at the respective home arenas of the two teams to reach the final. The team with the better regular season record will receive the home ice advantage and get to host games 1, 2, 5 and 7. The other team will get to host games 3, 4 and 6.

The regular season of the NHL has come to an end – what better time to score great Stanley Cup Finals tickets? It’s your last chance to catch some great hockey action until the fall. So send off the 2013-2014 season with a bang, and plan your trip to the Stanley Cup Final with Roadtrips. Contact us today so get started, and experience the drama and excitement firsthand.

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