If you’ve traveled with Roadtrips over the past two years, you may well have had the pleasure of meeting our lovely host and team member Sam Buffie. A dedicated lover of travel, Sam first started working with Roadtrips while living in London. Sam was tempted back to her hometown of Winnipeg to work with Roadtrips full-time just in time to head to Rio for the World Cup in 2014.

Sam will be one of our hosts for the Summer Games this year in Rio, and we thought it would be fun to ask her a few questions on the blog so that our guests could get to know her a little in advance of this epic event, or any of the others that you might meet her at throughout 2016.

How was it in Rio on your first Roadtrips experience?

Just amazing. Seeing soccer in Brazil is just incredible, I mean soccer is so big across South America, so it was definitely a once in a lifetime thing. I’d been to Rio a few times before the World Cup was on, and seeing the build up of excitement in the city, and how people were getting ready was great, but then there’s the actual event and… whoa!

Did you always plan to work in travel?

Well, it started when I spent six months in England in my early 20s, which just opened my eyes to the fact that there’s a whole world out there and I wanted to know more about it. That was the first time I’d been outside of North America, and travel just got into me. I feel incredibly lucky to work in a job that enables me to travel. It is hard work, for sure, but there is never a dull moment.Sam team

What is it like to help people on their Roadtrips experiences?

For a lot of our clients, this is something on their bucket list and just to see them in that environment is pretty amazing. We’ve seen people in tears of joy at events. While some people have been to a certain sporting event many times before, for some it is their first time, and something that they’ve always wanted to do. It feels great to play a role in making that happen for them.

What’s been your favorite trip to date?

I have to say the World Cup. The atmosphere in Rio was just incredible and it was such an amazing time. But then the Kentucky Derby too – it is one of those events that you see on TV every year but you can’t really get a feel for it until you’re actually there. And of course Wimbledon, such an inclusive event, you can just look across the stands and there’s the Royal Box!


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