Right now, the Roadtrips team has been in Rio for a couple of weeks making meticulous preparations for our guests to enjoy every moment that they are at the Summer Games. One week into the Games, we caught up with some of the team to find out the highlights of their time there so far.

For local host Patricia Wink (or Paty, as everyone knows her), hanging out at the beach volleyball arena has been fantastic. “It just looks amazing, faces the ocean, there’s lots of interaction between players and fans, great games, music, lights, it is just awesome,” she says.

Duane Penner, Roadtrips’ Vice President of Sales, says that his favorite thing so far is that at our home base up in the Hotel Santa Teresa, we’re batting 1000. “People are loving Rio. They are going out to eat local, loving the events, we had a guest get a picture with the torch. Our American guests have been blown away with how friendly and warm the Brazilians are. How pretty the city is. They are loving it,” he says, “We have had 3 people lose either a wallet or a purse with wallet in it, all three were found by locals somewhere in Rio and they have found our hotel card in the wallet and have returned the wallet or purse, at significant effort, to us and our guests…. blowing our guests away.”

Roadtrips team at dinner

Our Sales Manager Brian Benci says that the energy in Rio is great. “In fact, one of our repeat travellers told me yesterday that the crowds here seem to have more energy than in London. The beach area is buzzing and it’s the city that never sleeps right now.”

Carol Pinto, another of our local hosts, says that being at the swimming events was really exciting. “I was disappointed that Brazil didn’t get any medals, but I got to see Phelps win his and that was very cool,” she says. “The opening ceremony was very special too, we got to show the world what Rio was all about – Good music, diverse culture, and happy people. Lots of our guests were very emotional by the end of it, it made us cariocas very proud.”

Roadtrips had great swimming seats

Swimming was also a highlight for Roadtrips’ Vice President of Marketing Jeff Wills. “My co-host Ben and I went to the afternoon swimming session on August 9. Transportation was easy and clean, no line ups, lots of great volunteers. The swimming venue is quite intimate and we got a view from 10 feet of the BBC commentator crew. Very neat to see them there setting up — and we found out that the hosts don’t wear shoes!”


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