One concern that we’ve heard voiced about visiting Rio for the Summer Games next year is that the city doesn’t have enough accommodations to cater for the massive influx of visitors that this epic sporting event will bring to the city. It is certainly true that accommodations in Rio will be incredibly tight, says Duane Penner, Roadtrips’ Head of Sales. “In terms of a hosting summer games city, Rio does have among the fewest hotel rooms ever of a host city. During the Summer Games , hotel rooms in Rio will be like gold – but we’ve secured many of the best Rio accommodations, in the best locations in the city,” says Penner, “In a city like Rio, it is very important to be in the right part of town, and all of our hotels are well-located and safe.”

Here’s an example of the types of places you’ll stay at when travelling with Roadtrips: Amongst the accommodations that we’ve secured for our guests is the incredibly luxurious Caesar Park Rio de Janeiro by Sofitel, a spectacular five star hotel right on Ipanema Beach, and the Relais & Châteaux Hotel Santa Teresa, also a five star and a boutique property in the Santa Teresa neighbourhood on a hill overlooking all of Rio. As Roadtrips will handle all transport to the Summer Games, the exact location doesn’t need to be a deciding factor.

“Both hotels are wonderful, choosing between them is down to your personal preference – would you prefer an exciting and flashy time in Ipanema, or the serenity of being in quieter Santa Teresa?” says Penner. (Incidentally, Roadtrips has secured the whole of the Santa Teresa for the duration of the games, so all levels of accommodation from deluxe rooms to loft suites are available for our guests.)

Though all our accommodations on offer are higher end, we’ve also secured rooms on Copacabana Beach and at other prime Rio locations. For families, we have four stunning villas available at the stunning Villa Maravilhosa in the Joa District, with features such as floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beach and a private plunge pool in one of the villas. Whatever you’re looking for in Rio, we can fix you up with the best possible places to stay.

As with every trip that we organize, Roadtrips will create the perfect itinerary for you and whoever you are bringing to the Summer Games. Picking the right accommodations is of course a big part of ensuring that you have the absolute best experience possible. Contact us about your needs and desires, and we’ll match you up with a place that suits you perfectly, and adds to your perfect summer games experience.

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