If you’ve been following our adventures in Rio on our various social media channels, you’ll no doubt have seen that we have had an amazing time. Roadtrips guests Shannon and Brad, who are from Alberta, Canada, said that their experience with us was the trip of a lifetime, so we wanted to ask Brad a few questions about what it was that made it so special for them.

What was your motivation for coming to the Summer Games?

After the Sochi Games, my wife and I decided that it would be amazing to go to the next Games. We got engaged in the summer of 2014, and when we were planning our wedding we figured that instead of doing a honeymoon trip to Hawaii and later to the Games, we’d just extend our trip to Rio and do 10 days there. We decided to go all out so we went with Roadtrips.Roadtrips Guests Brad and Shannon

How did it feel when you finally landed in Rio?

Incredible. We weren’t sure what to expect due to some of the media coverage, but we went in with an open mind and it was just an unbelievable experience. The city was gorgeous, the venues were incredible, and the people in Rio were kind and outgoing. It was amazing. And having somebody on the ground already when we got there to give us direction was so awesome.

We dealt mostly with Ben Hopper and Jeff Wills from the Roadtrips team, and they were great. As soon as we got to the hotel they welcomed us and helped us get set up and comfortable, and then every time we went into the Santa Teresa Hotel hospitality suite, which was beautiful, they were there to chat and hang out. They made us feel welcome, it was like home there for the 10 days we were there.

Were there specific events you were there for?

We went mainly for rugby. My wife was a rugby player and she still coaches. She has actually played with, or against, half of the girls on the Canadian team. So, we went for the inaugural rugby events, and we were not disappointed. We were there to see them win the bronze medal against Great Britain, and we all lost our voices for a day after that! It was just incredible to be a part of that.

And did you see any other events?

Yes. We were there to see Penny Oleksiak win her silver medal in the swimming. We got the ticket last minute from another couple, and sat down and were like, “Oh look there’s a Canadian swimming,” and then we just saw it happen. We were dumbfounded and amazed at the same time. It was so cool to be there watching the Canadian medal count climb, and to be so close to it. It was hard to wrap our heads around the idea that we were there, every morning we woke up so happy to be in Rio. We’re never going to forget it, that’s for sure.Roadtrips guests Brad Shannon

Do you think you’ll try and go to any more major events like this?

We’re talking about it. Whenever we could afford it we’d like to do another one. It got us really into the spirit of it, and we want to do another trip like this for sure. Roadtrips was a fantastic company to go through, we were well taken care of and they were available to us at all times.

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