Meet Pedro Oliveira, another of our fantastic hosts for this year’s Summer Games in Rio. Having local hosts means that we are able to offer our guests authentic Rio experiences, and help them get the very best of every destination that we take them to. We seek out people that know how to ensure that our guests will have an amazing time, and have the personalities to make every minute of the trip fun.

pedroPedro was one of our hosts for the 2014 World Cup, and we know that our guests this year are going to love hanging out with him. We asked Pedro a few questions about himself, and authentic Rio, so you get to know him a little in advance of the Games.

So Pedro, tell us a little about yourself…

I am 29 years old and a resident of Recreio, the most beautiful part of Rio de Janeiro in terms of natural beauty. I’m a surfer and outdoor sports addict, which makes Rio de Janeiro even more perfect for me. Professionally, I graduated in production engineering and work as a commercial representative of foreign companies in Brazil. When people come here for meetings, I tell them that they have to add on at least three days to their trip, because visitors inevitably need to spend time on the beach, have a caipirinha followed by a great Brazilian barbecue.

What is your favorite thing to do in Rio?

My favorite thing to do in Rio is to hang around the beach, see the sunrise from Arpoador’s Rock, and do outdoor sports such as trekking on Pedra Bonita. I also love stand-up paddling to the Tijuca Islands, and running around the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. Also, I shouldn’t forget to mention having a great barbecue experience at any of the Barbecue Houses around like Fogo de Chão or Pobre Juan or any other, as this is an essential authentic Rio experience.

What is the thing about Rio that you most like to share with visitors?

The thing I would most like to share is the carioca way of life. Having a coconut water watching the sunrise from Arpoador’s rock is the thing that all visitors should do. Walking around the beach in the evening and being in touch with locals is also a pretty awesome experience.

What is your favorite restaurant in Rio?

Without doubts, Aprazível at Santa Teresa and Pobre Juan at Village Mall. Another restaurant that I like very much is the Prana, located at São Judas Tadeu Square (the one where the vans park at the base of Christ Redeemer entrance). It’s one of the best vegetarian food restaurants that I have been to, and I really recommend it to all visitors that want to taste what Brazilian food can offer regarding healthy and fresh ingredients from South America. Besides that, it’s the perfect place for a lunch before or after visiting Christ Redeemer.

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