Exotic cars have always appealed to the imagination of drivers from across the globe. It’s hard to resist the temptation of testing the limits of such remarkable vehicles. Getting into an exotic car can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you might have in your lifetime. To be behind the wheel of such a beautiful piece of machinery and driving at an extremely high speed can make you feel like you are on top of the world.
The travel industry has figured out a way to fulfill this fantasy for the most enthusiastic road trippers. Roadtrips offers the rare opportunity to experience the unique features of exotic cars in some of the most incredible settings in the world.   Porsche and Ferrarri make two of our favorite exotic cars for the ultimate driving experience.

The Intense Experience of Driving a Porsche


Whether it is a Cayenne, a Cayman S, Boxster or a 911, a Porsche has the unique ability to deliver an awesome driving experience. Legendary for their powerful engines, the Porsche will constantly challenge your driving skills on any type of road, from meandering country paths to snowy mountain roads. Our Porsche driving experiences are the perfect choice for travelers looking to explore culture at their own pace.
With every sweeping turn, this supreme luxury car will take you through your preferred destination. It is the perfect choice to enhance your travel to historic European countries or the beautiful Rocky Mountains in North America. Your ultimate Porsche driving experience goes well with good wines, exclusive dining events, and exceptional accommodation arrangements.
The Unmatched Thrill of a Ferrari


Italy is one of the most amazing road travelling destinations. It appeals to travel enthusiasts across the globe because of its breathtaking surroundings and impressive historical heritage. Over the course of time, Ferrari has developed into an iconic brand that successfully represents Italy worldwide. Roadtrips is pleased to bring you the opportunity to drive one of many Ferrari models including the 458 Italia, F430 Spider F1, 599 GTB Fiorano F1 and more! Our Ferrari driving experiences are a unique travel opportunity for car lovers.
The emotion of being behind the wheel of a Ferrari is beyond words. Today, you can have the chance to feel the pure glory of driving one of the most elegant and exciting vehicles ever created by the hands of man. This vehicle simply exudes power, and there is no place better to appreciate it than the gentle slopes of the Tuscan hills or the historic streets of the magnificent cities of Rome, Sicily, Florence and Milan.
Driving one of these two cars is an absolute privilege in all respects.  It is an inspiring experience that can hardly be matched by any other. The mesmerizing symphony of the powerful engines, the sophistication and class of these vehicles and their excellent performance can be a motivational experience for any car enthusiast. Contact Roadtrips today so we can start putting together your custom driving experience.

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