Those attending the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, will be able to watch some exciting new events that have been added to the sporting lineup for the first time. There’s big air in snowboarding, mixed doubles in curling, mass start in speed skating, and a team skiing event too. In a media release, the IOC said that these events were added in order to appeal to younger audiences, and to give women more opportunities to compete in the Games. Here’s what you can expect to see at these events:

Big Air Snowboarding likely has the most youth appeal. Boarders start off a high ramp (much like on the slopestyle event that was added to the last Winter Games in Sochi) then attempt to pull off as many flips, spins, and tricks as they can. As you can see in this best of video from the X-Games, there are plenty of thrills to be had in this event and it should bring plenty of attention from younger athletes and their fans.

Having Mixed Doubles in Curling will serve to give curlers an extra opportunity to win gold for their country. You’ll remember how popular curling was at the last games – BBC Sport even called it the new rock ‘n’ roll after Sochi – so you can understand why organizers would seize any possible opportunity to capitalize on that. Maybe it was the craziness of the Norwegian team’s pants that helped elevate the game’s popularity, or that fact that so many of us watched the curling and thought, “Hey I could do that!” but whatever the reasons, we’ll probably all be glued to the matches for the 2018 Winter Games too.

The Mass Start Speed Skating event adds a little extra danger and risk to the Winter Games. This event is a lot more physically competitive and we may see some of the same aggression that comes with short-track speed skating (some physical contact is usually allowed in this event), as well as the necessary strategy and team tactics when it comes to passing etc.

Team Parallel Slalom in alpine skiing consists of teams of two women and two men competing. This event was part of the last world championships in 2014, where it operated as a knock-out round competition, where the best of four races wins. This is an exciting twist on a favorite ski event, and should be well received.

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