There are few sporting events as glamorous or fabulous as the Monaco Grand Prix. “It is a sporting event that transcends sports. It’s super cool and super impressive,” says Duane Penner, Roadtrips’ Head of Sales. “Whether you like formula one racing or not, once in your life you should go to the Grand Prix in Monaco.”

The road circuit race going through the historic streets of iconic Monte Carlo is superb, and the fact that you can have so many different experiences when it comes to viewing the race makes Monaco a unique and very cool event. You can watch from grandstand seating, for sure, but we can also hook our guests up with an invitation to be a guest of one of the F1 teams, where they get to hang out in hospitality with the drivers and be part of their viewing and gifting etc.

Alternatively, Roadtrips guests can watch the race from a yacht (you get very close to the action, plus you’re moored up close to the likes of P Diddy and all the other celebrities and high rollers that sail in for the Grand Prix), or for hardcore formula one fans who want the best views, we can set you up with your own private party on a terrace in a luxury home overlooking the race, or in a luxurious hotel suite (with top-notch catering and bar provided). If you want to mix it up, we’ll set you up with a different experience for each day of the race.

When the racing is finished, there are of course fabulous parties to attend and we ensure that our guests are exactly where they want to be for those, whether that means attending Jenson Button’s yacht party or the Amber Lounge, where the Prince of Monaco is often in attendance on a Friday night alongside team owners. Our hosts know everything that’s going on, and how to get our guests there. That’s the benefit of traveling with us, we organize everything that you want us to so that you can just concentrate on enjoying yourself.

“We work with each of our guests and customize the trip to what they want to do,” says Penner. “Nothing is packaged and on the shelf. We hand them the paint brush and ask them to paint us a picture of what’s the perfect trip.” Holding space at the best hotels, from the L’Hermitage with its grand and formal atmosphere, or the Meridian on the beach with its more funky and relaxed feel, we work to get you the exact trip you want.

Roadtrips also specializing in building you a trip that while keeping a sporting event as the key focus, enables you to add whatever else you desire onto that trip. Want to leave a few days earlier and spend a while sailing on the Italian Riviera or check out the film festival in Cannes? We can arrange that. We’ll get you chef’s tables at the best restaurants, and arrange tours of whatever artistic or cultural diversions you’re into. We make ever trip bucket-list worthy, but Monaco is so incredible that it is definitely one of our favourites to send guests to.

The Monaco Grand Prix is in Monte Carlo from May 21st to 25th. Find out more about our Monaco Grand Prix Packages here, or by calling 1-800-465-1765.

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