monaco_grand_prixThe 71st Grand Prix de Monaco has showed us once again why it is the preeminent event of sport and entertainment. This iconic race is unmatched in its ability to bring together everything you need for a fabulous experience. Start with one of the most stunningly beautiful spots in the World with the Principality of Monaco and the Cote d’Azur, add plenty of beautiful people, a port jammed with massive yachts, the best champagne and parties, and this is only the beginning. Mix in one of the World’s most thrilling and watched sports and its illustrious brands and celebrity drivers, and you have truly created an event everyone should see at least once in their lives.
This year’s weekend truly was one to remember. While cooler then past years, the sun was brilliant, and the principality was in top form. The champagne was flowing at top parties like Amber Lounge and exclusive yacht parties went late into the night. The paparazzi were very busy as celebrities were very much in attendance. With the Cannes Film Festival just down the road and both events culminating at the same time, you knew the VIP entrances were going to be extra busy.
If you call yourself a car person, you would have been in seventh heaven as this event is the ultimate showcase of driving machines. In a city that already sports the odd luxury car (no other spot in the World has 3 Ferrari dealerships within a mile of each other) the line up at valet is truly incredible. From Bentley to Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari, McLaren and Pagani, Rolls and beyond you will never see as many luxury cars stuck in traffic in your life.
With so much going on, one almost forgets the race, almost. Even without the “tyre” controversy, this year’s race was incredibly exciting with more accidents and overtaking than in the last 5 years combined. If you add the champagne bill to the car bills, Ferrari had a very expensive weekend with Massa hitting the barrier twice. Thankfully the spectacular crash with Maldonado and Chilton did not result in any real injuries, though definitely some hard feelings. Kimi Raikkonen also thrilled with his impressive passing display, even if mechanical issues handicapped his ability to push. While unfortunately under a cloud of controversy, nothing should take away from the impressive and Hollywood scripted win by Nico Rosberg. The young German won the Monaco Grand Prix in impressive fashion, 30 years to the day after his father Keke won the same race. A sentimental treasure the family will be understandably proud of.
So as the big yachts head out of the Port de Monaco and helicopters whisk people to their waiting planes in Nice, the lucky few that experienced this race and this weekend are leaving knowing they were part of something special. Whether they come every year or this was a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list trip, the 71st Grand Prix de Monaco will add to the already illustrious reputation of a truly great event.

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