2018_gamesThe thrills and excitement already delivered by the Sochi Winter Games has millions of people around the world looking forward to even more action at the next Games. There is nothing quite like the competition at the games. Throughout the world sports-lovers, and even those who don’t normally take an interest in sport, swell with pride cheering on athletes whose names are sometimes unknown to them until just days before. We jump for joy when our country captures gold and feel the crushing blow when medal dreams are not realized by our fellow countrymen and women.
Fortunately for those of us who can’t get enough of the games, the Summer Games are just 2 short years away. Taking place in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August 2016, these upcoming games give us so much more to look forward to than just the sporting events. Rio is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world with its sparkling beaches, open-air cafes, and legendary nightlife. Roadtrips has already been working in Rio for years (more on that a bit later) in preparation for these games, so you can trust us when we say this is one Summer Games you will not want to miss.

For those who prefer their sports played on ice and snow, PyeongChang, South Korea will host the Winter Games in February 2018. The wait may be a little bit longer but the time to start planning your trip is now. Those who book early can ensure access to their preferred events and accommodations. PyeongChang is known for its unspoiled natural beauty, which will serve as a spectacular backdrop for some of the most elite sporting competitions in the world.

As fans, we at Roadtrips love watching the games unfold live as they happen, but as one of the premier sports tour operators, our preparations begin years in advance. For major events, our work starts as soon as the location is announced. We begin researching the destination, scoping out the best accommodations and the finest restaurants. Our executive and host teams will visit the destination a number of times before the event, visiting hotels, finding the best local dining, and meeting with local partners, checking everything out firsthand to make sure everything is top-notch for our clients. When you travel with Roadtrips, you can be completely confident that you are being taken care of by one of the leaders in the sports travel industry.

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