You may not have met our wonderful team member Lindsay Dubowec, but if you’ve been to the Masters, Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, Monaco, or Wimbledon with Roadtrips then it was Lindsay that meticulously planned your itinerary. Lindsay just celebrated a decade of working with us in December and in today’s blog we wanted to help you all get to know our long-term event planner a little better.

When Lindsay started with us, she says that Roadtrips appealed because it was different, exciting, and new. “I was hosting lots of events, and got to see a ton of places that I would never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise,” she says, “This suited my lifestyle perfectly at the time, but my job has evolved as the company has grown and now I’m more involved in planning than hosting.”

Lindsay still loves to travel, and says that she may well host other events in the future, but doesn’t mind being one of the few back in the office when major events are happening. “Seventy-five percent of the office go and host these major events, someone has to stay home, and I’m happy to be here acting as ground control,” she says.

When it comes to favorite sports, Lindsay loves hockey and football though she wasn’t the biggest sports fan before starting with us. “I’ve come a long way in the past ten years. I have a huge appreciation for sports and go to a lot of NFL and NHL games, and even have season tickets for the Winnipeg Jets,” she says. “Most people here live and breathe sports.”

The Super Bowl is Lindsay’s favorite event to plan, because it is always in a different city and constantly changes, which offers interesting challenges and the chance to build new relationships, which is always exciting. “Still, events like the Masters and Daytona are great because we have all these excellent contacts that we get to work with year after year,” she says.

Lindsay enjoys event planning, and says that being highly detail orientated (as she is naturally) is essential when creating such a premium product for our guests. “We are always looking to make things bigger and better, organizing more receptions, searching out the best commemorative gift packages for the biggest events,” she says, “It’s always so busy here trying to make every experience perfect, but I love it.”

Being part of the Roadtrips team is something that Lindsay especially enjoys. “We’re all very close in age, and have been here about the same time. Everyone stays once they join the team because we all get along so well and help each other,” she says, “It is such a great team.”

Ready to experience the Roadtrips difference and have our awesome team take you to your favorite sporting event? Contact us now to start planning your dream trip.

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