The Kentucky Derby is such a fabulous event to attend, and besides of course the horses, there’s just so much crazy fun to observe there that it is the type of sporting event that people want to keep going back to. Forbes magazine called the Kentucky Derby a “must-do for your bucket-list” and we have to agree, taking guests there is an absolute pleasure for us.

There’s a lot of tradition and ceremony that helps mark this event as an absolute one of a kind. One of the Roadtrips team, Kate Burzynski is just about to take guests to the Kentucky Derby for the third time, and can’t wait. “I love that this event is full of traditions, everyone dress up and the women wearing unique hats, mint juleps to the singing of My Old Kentucky Home,” she says.

The celebrity arrivals at the Derby are always a lot of fun, and even without the famous people there’s plenty of awesome people watching to do as the women especially (and some of the guys attending) go to crazy efforts with their hats and outfits. This is a bright, colourful, and crazy fun event. “It’s really neat watching the horses come out of the paddock on to the track with the owners walking beside them. Everyone in the stands is on their feet and the singing of My old Kentucky Home….just brings me chills thinking of it,” says Burzynski, “All this excitement for 2 minutes of racing!”

While of course having a flutter is such fun, and yes, winning a little money would be fabulous, you really don’t have to know anything about horse racing to have an amazing time at the Kentucky Derby. The excitement as you watch the horses thundering down the track is contagious, and you’ll get just as swept up in it as everyone else is. This event is often referred to as “The most exciting two minutes in sports,” and when you attend, you’re bound to agree.

When you come to the Kentucky Derby with us, we take care of everything and will build you a superb itinerary that allows you to explore the area and enjoy every minute of your stay in Louisville (a beautiful city that is rich in culture and history). Get in touch to find out more about our Kentucky Derby Packages, and how we could create your dream trip to Churchill Downs.



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