Taking guests to Wimbledon is such a huge treat for the Roadtrips team. The tennis is always fantastic, and you get to see the greatest players in the world compete in this historic and culturally rich setting. Getting to the Wimbledon Championships every year also means that we get to spend more time exploring London, one of the world’s most exciting and interesting cities.

Falling in Love with London
Spending a month or more in London over the course of the 2012 Summer Games meant that our team really had a chance to delve deep into the city, and truly fall in love with it. In an earlier blog post, our VP of Marketing Jeff Wills, says that he loved being there long enough to understand the place and no longer feel like a tourist. Another team member, Sam Buffie, lived in London for almost three years, and always loves coming back to the city. It is always fun showing off a city you know and love to others, and that’s definitely something that our team loves to do.

What do we love about London? So much. Obviously there’s centuries upon centuries of history to explore, from palaces and historic homes to parks, monuments and museums. Walking the streets of London you can’t help be awed as you recognize places from movies and books, and see these iconic locations in real life. There are wonderful restaurants, whether you prefer traditional fare such as Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, or want to dine at one of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurants.

The shopping in London is phenomenal, from opulent department stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols in posh Knightsbridge, to markets and fun areas like Soho and Camden. Whatever you’re into, you’ll be able to find it in London.

Royal Spotting and Traditions
Wimbledon is steeped in tradition, and that’s one reason that the tournament is so much fun. You simply have to order up a bowl of strawberries and cream when you’re there, and enjoy a glass of Pimm’s between matches, and soak up the rather lovely atmosphere of a traditional English summer courtside. However, the tradition of the Royal Family being in attendance – and in plain view at Centre Court in the esteemed Royal Box – is something that makes attending Wimbledon extra memorable for many of our guests.

Last year Prince William and Kate Middleton were there, as was Prince Andrew, but the Royal Box was also enjoyed by the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z, Boris Becker, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, and many other celebrities from the world of sports, movies, and music, as well as visiting dignitaries and politicians.

Culture by the Bucket-load
London is home to wonderful art museums such as the Tate where you’ll find traditional art spanning centuries, and Tate Modern, which showcases the very best in Contemporary art, to the National Gallery, and hundreds of smaller gallery spaces throughout the city. If you love performance art then you’ll always find plenty of exciting events happening too.

If you love theatre then heading to the West End will open you up to so many wonderful musicals and shows, from pieces that have been playing for decades (The Mousetrap has been playing since 1952, Les Misérables since 1985) to exciting new plays. Live music more your thing? Book a table at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club or The Hundred Club, both legendary venues that have been at the forefront of British music for many, many years. There are also huge venues where you might be able to catch a show with rock legends or the hottest pop performers.

We love London, and promise that if you choose to travel to Wimbledon with us, we will show you the very best of the city. Contact us now to see how we could build the Wimbledon Championships trip of your dreams.


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