Here at Roadtrips, we are big auto-racing fans, which is why if you’re a regular visitor to our blog you’ll have already heard us wax lyrical about our love of the Monaco Grand Prix, and the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. However, these are just two of the events that we take guests to every year – there are more, and every single one offers a different experience in some way. Here’s our guide to events we’re hosting over the next twelve months, where you can indulge your need for speed and have an incredible custom built experience around whatever race it is that you’d love to attend:

2015 Italian Grand Prix, Monza, September 4-7 As one of F1’s longest running events, the Italian Grand Prix is rich in history and much loved by fans because it is such a fast track and consequently offers seriously exciting racing. Monza is located on the outskirts of Milan, the fashion and finance capital of Italy, so there’s much to see and do there when you aren’t actually watching the races.

2015 United States Grand Prix, Austin, Texas, October 22-26 This new entry to the F1 circuit offers state of the art facilities in one of the hippest cities in the US. Austin is famous for its great nightlife and music scene, exciting restaurants, and of course legendary Texas hospitality. Austin offers an interesting American twist on F1, and we offer lots up upgrades that get you close to the drivers, race teams, and VIPs that attend this event.

2015 Brazilian Grand Prix, São Paulo, November 13-16 It’s no secret that after having an incredible time in Brazil last year for the World Cup we are massive fans of Brazil, and have great connections there that enable us to create truly unique custom experiences for every guest that we take there. Auto-racing fans love this race not only because Autódromo José Carlos Pace is the longest circuit in F1, but also because it offers a unique set of challenges to drivers because of the high altitude, bumps, counter-clockwise layout, and long straights mixed with flowing corners. São Paulo is considered to be Brazil’s cultural capital, and is a truly world class city offering excellent museums, luxury hotels, great dining, nightclubs and more.

2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, UAE, November 26-30 Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is one of the most spectacular settings for a F1 circuit in the world. As one of the newest circuits, this track is futuristic, innovative, and extremely luxurious (just like the accommodations, restaurants, and attractions in this, the capital city of UAE). Attending this race is a unique experience – every visitor here is treated like a VIP – and definitely a bucket-list trip for die-hard race fans and those who like something a little different when they travel.

2016 Daytona 500, Daytona, Florida, February 20-22 For NASCAR fans, there’s no bigger race, and the Daytona International Speedway is a fantastic venue offering a great pre-race package of concerts, fan forums, and ceremonies in the Sprint FANZONE, and access to the garages and pits can also be arranged. Daytona itself at race time is electric, and there’s plenty of fun stuff to do outside of the track too.

2016 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, April 2016 The Shanghai International Circuit offers crazy fast straights and hairpin turns in a state of the art facility. China’s largest city offers a lot for visitors to experience, and while it is very much a 21st century city, China’s culturally and historical sites are easily accessible.

2016 Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, May 13-16 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya offers exciting racing and is a drivers’ favourite because it offers every type of corner there is, so can be challenging. Barcelona itself is a stunning destination rich in culture and history, with truly beautiful food, and gorgeous accommodations.

2016 Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, May 26-30 This iconic event is one of our favourite sporting events not only because the racing is superb, but also because it is one of the most sophisticated and decadent sporting events on the planet. Over the years, our guests have hung out with celebrities and royalties at the track, in the luxury lounges, and at nightclubs. We’ve also tied in red carpet premieres at Cannes, and a mix of other fun experiences. We love Monaco.

2016 Indy 500, Indianapolis, May 27-30 Next year sees the 100th Indy 500 race, and it is going to be an epic event. Not only is the racing amazing, but there’s so much other stuff that goes on around it (such as the much loved parade) to make this a very special sporting event.

2016 Canadian Gran Prix, Montreal, June 10-13 The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a beautiful circuit in one of Canada’s most exciting (and certainly most culturally rich) cities. This is one of F1’s most popular races, and when you attend, you’ll see why. Montreal is a fun, foodie city with plenty to offer visitors. Travel with us and we’ll show you the best of it.

If reading about these races got your engine revving contact us to find out how we can create an incredible custom travel experience for you. 

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