Rio de Janeiro is a spectacular city, and has some incredible parts to explore from the lush green mountains to the miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches. No trip to the city could ever be complete however without exploring one of the most beautiful, famous, and glamorous beaches in the world – Copacabana Beach.

We absolutely love staying at Copacabana for many reasons, but here are five to get you just as excited about this fabulous destination as we are:

  • Fun on the Beach. The 2.2 miles of sugary golden sands are perfect for tanning or frolicking in the surf, but there are also volleyball nets and football courts set up along the beach, which make for fun and excellent people watching. There are also areas with training equipment set up so you can watch super fit people working out and showing off their perfect bodies.
  • The Promenade. Completed in 1970 by Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burl Marx, the black, white, and occasionally red wave patterned promenade is like a massive long abstract painting that frames the beach. Walking the length of it takes you past so much fun stuff, and you can stop at one of the many beach bars for snacks and drinks along the way. Locals use the promenade to bike, jog, and rollerblade on, so it’s another place you can bask in the glow of beautiful people.
  • The Views. Whether you’re lying on that perfect sand or looking out from a rooftop bar or balcony at one of the luxurious hotels that line the beach, you’re treated to more than just views of the ocean. There is a historic fort at each end of Copacabana Beach, Fort Copacabana (built in 1914) at the south end, and Fort Duque de Caxais (built in 1779) at the north end. You can also get a stunning view of Sugar Loaf Mountain from the beach, and the forested lands around it.
  • The Beach Kiosks. There’s something so absolutely perfect about sitting at one of Copacabana’s kiosks with an icy cold beer, cocktail, or snacks and just watching the world go by. The kiosks range from pretty basic to more upscale (some of the newer ones offer table service with full menus). The atmosphere at the kiosks varies; at some kiosks you’ll be chilling out as samba music softly plays, whereas others have more of a nightclub feel once the sun goes down.
  • The Hotels. Copacabana Beach is one of our top places to stay in Rio, and we have blocked out rooms and suites at several of the most luxurious properties there for the upcoming Summer Games. The Belmond Copacabana Palace is a Rio landmark, and has two of the city’s finest restaurants on-site as well as a fab pool and spa. We’re also big fans of the Porto Bay Rio Internacional, Rio Othon Palace (all these have rooftop pools and bars, which offer incredible views), and Tulip Inn, where we offer a range of accommodations.

Ready to book your dream trip to the Summer Games? We can get you to Rio, show you the absolute best time and get you to all the sports events on your wish list. Contact us now to start planning your trip.


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