2014_kentucky_derbyOur 2014 Kentucky Derby packages will put your springtime in the winner’s circle! Every year on the first Saturday in May, Churchill Downs in Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Derby.  It is also known as ‘the run for the roses’ or the first jewel in horse racing’s Triple Crown.  The race itself only lasts for a couple of minutes, but there is more than enough activity going on around the race to keep everyone interested.

The Kentucky Derby is about high society and bold fashion statements.  A quick scan through the crowd shows that hats and dresses and accessories are the order of the day for many race-goers.  Here are some of the fashion statements you can hope to see at the 2014 Kentucky Derby.

The Hats
If there is one thing that stands out when looking through the crowd on Kentucky Derby day it is the hats.  Over-the-top hats have been one of the unique components of the Derby for years, and the 2014 Kentucky Derby won’t be any different.  Expect to see big hats, small hats, colors from across the rainbow, flowers and just about anything else that can be fastened onto a hat to make it sensational.  The point is to leave the hat in place once it has been set on the head, so you won’t see much fidgeting or adjusting during the Derby festivities.

Dresses & Shoes
Fancy hats would look silly without nice dresses and shoes, and they’ll be well represented in the Derby crowd, as well.  You may see strapless sundresses to formal day suits to anything in between. The real key is to look the part without taking away from the hat that you’re wearing.  Since the race is in May, you might want to bring some back up layers in case it’s cooler than suspected.  As for the shoes, your heels will work just fine for the look but a pair of flats close by would be great for if your feet get sore throughout the day.

The 2014 Kentucky Derby attendees will also be loaded with accessories to complete the look like colorful handbags and jewelry.  It’s important to keep in mind that these items are there to complement the overall look and show off the centerpiece of the whole outfit, which is the hat.  The bag will also double as a holder of just-in-case items so you’re both stylish and prepared for whatever your derby day might bring.

Can’t wait to get your Kentucky Derby outfit ready? Call up one of Roadtrips’ travel experts today to start crafting your custom trip to the 2014 Kentucky Derby.

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