Exploring Prague & Ostrava at the 2015 World Hockey Championships

The 2015 World Hockey Championships affords a great opportunity to explore the host cities of Prague and Ostrava. Prague is a wonderland of cultural gems with its fairy tale spires and baroque palaces dotting the skyline. A wander around its charming streets and cobbled alleyways will soon reveal just why this beautiful and elegant city became known as the City of a Hundred Spires.

Enjoy a delicious European coffee or perhaps a Czech beer in the Old Town Square, watching as the world unfolds around you. You will be immersed in the historic significance of this famous city and feel the convergence of history through its unique architecture, from Gothic to Roman and Baroque, each has left its mark in this delightful old plaza. Look out for the famous Astronomical Clock set in the Old Town Hall Tower along with its iconic Walk of the Apostles.

Afterwards, perhaps you’ll head over to Charles Bridge spanning the Vitava, which once served as a vital link between the two sides of the city. The views as you walk across are certainly worth a snapshot or two. It’s easy to see why so many artists use this spot as a point from which to sketch and paint Prague’s magnificent cityscapes. Adding to its charm are the artisans and craftspeople who line the bridge selling their wares, hoping that their unique creations might be the perfect keepsake from your visit to the Czech Republic.

Not to be missed is a visit to Prague’s fortress-like St Vitus Cathedral during your 2015 World Hockey Championships trip. An impressive array of kings are silently entombed within this building, including the Roman Emperor Maximilian II. Inside you’ll also discover a number of smaller chapels, the most notable being the 14th Century St. Wenceslas Chapel with its jewel encrusted walls. In one corner of the room you may spot a small door tightly secured by seven locks. This door can only be open when all seven key holders are present as behind it lies the Czech crown jewels and more than ten centuries of Czech history.

The 2015 World Hockey Championships is also an ideal time to discover Ostrava. Often described as an undiscovered treasure,  this city is the picture of charm. Perhaps Ostrava’s most iconic monument, the Silesian Ostrava Castle once served as a defensive stronghold against neighboring lands. Today it hosts a number of exhibitions, including a rather grim, yet frighteningly popular exhibition about historic torture devices.

For an out of this world experience, you could do no better than visit the Johann Palisa Observatory where a number of programs bring the fascinating subject of astronomy to life. Views of the Universe (a wall encyclopedia) exhibits stunning pictures of astronomical objects and heavenly bodies from the farthest flung reaches of the universe right down to planet Earth.

If you’re in need of a good night out and would like to sample some of those world famous Czech beers, Stodolni Street is the hub of the city’s nightlife with its bars, clubs and restaurants, which happily entertain locals and visitors alike.

Additionally, you should be sure to check out the subterranean world of Landek Park, the Czech Republic’s largest mining museum. Take an opportunity to decend in the mine cage and get a glimpse into the fear and excitement felt by the men who earned their living down in this underworld.

If you are searching for more great things to do in Prague and Ostrava during the World Hockey Championships, contact our team at Roadtrips, Inc.

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