grand-prix-toursGrand Prix Tours represent one of the best ways to combine your passion for Formula One with your desire to explore new and wonderful places. The Monaco Grand Prix is no exception and many sports tourism fans choose custom grand prix tours as a means to experience the unique glamour, ritz and luxury of Monaco, a tiny and yet incredibly rich and exotic locale. Monaco is recognized throughout the world for its lavish Monte Carlo casino, the elaborate Palace, and haute couture shopping venues.

The Grand Prix weekend is without a doubt the perfect opportunity to explore the very heart of Monaco, a principality blessed with a privileged location overlooking the majestic Mediterranean. This exclusive coastal strip has a wonderful climate with long sun-drenched summer days and mild winters. An ancient and sovereign state, the Principality of Monaco stands as a proud monarchy currently under the rule of His Highness Prince Albert II. Its colorful history, as well as its extravagant lifestyle, leads many to call Monaco the home of the rich and famous. Choosing one of Roadtrips’ Monaco Grand Prix tours gives you the chance to experience the very heart of the city and rub shoulders with high society in the exclusive and beautiful setting of Monte Carlo.

The world has always been fascinated by Monte Carlo, recognized as a gambling haven and the epitome of glamour itself. Monte Carlo is one of the four quarters of Monaco, a place where the charm and magic of the royalty are unavoidable. Should you choose to accompany the rumble of Formula One cars with a roll of the dice, the lavish Monte Carlo casino is definitely one of the best places on the planet to do it. The Casino and city of Monte Carlo attract some of the world’s wealthiest people ranging from businessmen to stars of the stage and screen.

Apart from the unique area of Monte Carlo, Monaco is also the home of beautiful scenery and architecture that delights even the most experienced traveler. The view over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea is one of the most wonderful displays of nature and its immense beauty. The coastal resort is also an excellent place to enjoy breathtaking views over La Condamine, often packed with luxury cruisers and yachts. The elegant, whimsical Palace is located in the ancient fortified capital of Monaco-Ville and offers an all-embracing collection of art, mainly by Vermeer and Rubens. The mall made entirely of Italian marble is also an ideal place to shop if you are looking for luxury items.

You can enjoy all of these wonderful things with Roadtrips’ Monaco Grand Prix tours, which offer a unique blend of sporting ambiance and an unparalleled lifestyle. Blessed with natural beauty, a captivating history, and a unique way of life, the tiny principality of Monaco is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind Mediterranean gem and offers an experience not to be missed. Contact us for more information about creating your Monaco Grand Prix trip today.

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