This weekend sees the end of another round of qualifying matches for the 2016 European Championship, and it has been an exciting few days watching the teams play for their chance to get to those finals in Paris next July. There’s certainly been some randomness in the rankings so far (such as Wales ranking higher than England for the first time ever, and placing ahead of Spain who won the last European Championship, or Iceland possibly qualifying for their first major finals) which is going to lead to some very interesting outcomes.

Obviously the expectation is that the usual top teams will qualify, France as hosts have an automatic entry, and of course Spain, and the ever present Germany, but there’s always the chance that an outsider team could squeak in and have a chance to play alongside those teams (Malta maybe? Or the Faroe Islands?).

Spain is the first team to win back to back European Championships, but is a third win likely? England manager Roy Hodgson has been reported as saying that England could win this year, and it is certainly true that the team won the first six of its qualifying matches, and that they have a strong team. Germany are widely thought to have a good chance of winning the championships for the first time since 1996, and despite a somewhat rocky start where they lost to Poland and drew with the Republic of Ireland, they did after all win the last World Cup. Whoever qualifies, these championship games are going to be excellent, and we are very excited to be taking guests to France to experience them next year.

Roadtrips offers several different options to guests looking to get close to the action and actually be there in Paris for either the thrilling final match, or to follow their team as they play through the championships at some of the ten host cities in beautiful France. For those who want to experience it all, and not follow any one team, we offer a Taste of France package that takes you to Paris, Nice, and Bordeaux and showcase the best of these regions as well as of course get you to the matches you want to see. We can customize our itineraries to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime at the European Championships, and see all the soccer your heart desires while you are there.

While soccer is going to be your main focus when traveling to this event, rest assured that Roadtrips takes care of all your transfers, puts you up in first class accommodations, and can arrange additional trips and excursions within your itinerary. Spending time in Paris is a dream trip for many, and the city offers an abundance of cultural and artistic opportunities, incredible dining, and an ambiance all of its own, but outside of France’s capital there is so much to see and do too (want to explore wine regions or the beaches of St Tropez? Talk to us). Whatever your interests are outside of the beautiful game, we can incorporate them into your customized itinerary.

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Ready to start planning? Contact us to get the ball rolling, and we’ll get you to the Euro 2016 Final, and arrange a trip worthy of every soccer fan’s bucket-list.



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