The Indy 500 is one of our most enduringly popular packages. The race is always a blast, and as well as having amazingly fast cars with legendary drivers, the winner celebrates with a traditional drink of milk. No champagne at this race, but the action runs on pure adrenaline. What makes for an exceptional Indy 500 race experience is all the neat add-ons that we can provide for our guests, and we thought we’d use today’s blog to explain them all to you.

The Drivers Meeting
The day before race day, you can attend a ceremonial event where each driver meets with race officials and is given final instructions for the race. Rings are also given to reach of the drivers, and any awards that they may have earned for their race performance the previous year. This event gives you an opportunity to see each driver, and get a little background on them before you see them tearing up the asphalt. You’ll also see racing legends honored, which is a thrill too. We can get our guests tickets to this, and for hardcore race fans it is a superb lead up to the big event.

Carb Day
The final practice before the race is held on the Friday before, and known as Carb Day. The name comes from the fact that it used to be called Carburation Day, as way back in the days when cars had carburetors (with the last year that they did being 1963) this was the last opportunity that teams had to fine tune them. This final practice has been turned into a party with a pit stop competition and there’s always a huge concert. Although the acts have yet to be confirmed, they are usually pretty epic, and last year Journey played to record Carb Day crowds.

Post Race Garage Experience
One of the most coveted experiences at the Indy 500 is access to Gasoline Alley post race. Access is not generally open to the public then, but we can secure access for our guests so that they can watch the break down of each team after they’ve completed (or not) the Indy 500. For race fans, this is just awesome.

Traveling with Roadtrips gives you access to experiences that you’ll be unlikely to find if you tried to set up the trip on your own, but besides this our expertise and insider knowledge will help you enjoy the best of every single aspect of the Indy 500. We’ve been many times, and secure rooms in the best hotels, and can arrange whatever it is you would like to make the trip uniquely yours. Want to add in a spa day or golf excursion? We can do that, and we’ll get you a table at the best restaurant in the city afterwards.

Contact us now to start planning out your dream trip to this fantastic sporting event, and we’ll build in Indy 500 race experiences that you just won’t get solo, or with other operators.


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