Rio is a breathtakingly gorgeous city that besides being perfectly set-up to host the 2016 Summer Games (thanks in part to it’s World Cup success) is an absolutely incredible destination to visit. Andrea Costa Lima was one of our hosts for the World Cup in Rio, and is very passionate about the city. We asked her to share some of her favourite activities from Roadtrips visit there last year, and here’s what she had to say:

Taking a helicopter ride over the city is a fantastic way to see it.   You’ll get to see Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, the massive and historic Caju Cemetery, and understand how the beaches work. This is a great way to get an immediate understanding of how the city is laid out.

The beaches are of course fantastic. You can hire a bike and ride all the way along the wide esplanade from Copacabana to Ipenema to Praia de Leblon (which is about 10km) and see all that those legendary beaches have to offer. You’ll find kiosks selling food and drink, such as capirinha – Brazil’s national cocktail made with sugarcane hard liquor and lime, and various other beach vendors. There’s a lot of volleyball nets set up on the beach, and if you know how to play its great because anyone can just join in, and it’s the same with beach soccer and other games. Once you sit on the beach its great because you have someone that’ll grab you a chair and you’re umbrella, water and beer, it all full-service environment!

If you prefer more secluded beaches, there are plenty of those too, surrounded by huge cliffs and accessible through private trails – not many people know about them, but we took people to those.

There are so many incredible restaurants. Whether you head to one of the places that offer a traditional samba show that tells the history of Brazil and serve up churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ), or for world-class cuisine at Mee in the Copacabana Palace (from celebrity Chef Ken Hom) which has its own Sake sommelier, or the famous Rio Chinese restaurant Mr Lam, which is definitely one of the best places to eat in the city. You’ll also want to explore the city’s historic café culture at somewhere like Confeitaria Columbo that has been operating since 1894 and serves up delectable sweets and pastries.

The stadiums are amazing. The venues from the World Cup were all brand new, and there’s a lot being built for the summer games too. Everything is set up so beautifully, and traveling to Rio in June is the absolute best time to visit the city because the weather is just perfect sitting in the mid 20c degrees and sunny – so the Summer Games is going to be such a superb event.

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