The United States Grand Prix in Austin this October is going to be a crazy fun experience. We can’t wait to head back to this epic event with our guests. Not only do we get to share the experience of Formula 1 done US style but it also means that we get to explore Austin, which is seriously one of the coolest cities in North America to visit. Over the past decade or so, Austin has become known as the live music capital of the world (in part due to the awesome SXSW music festival being held there every March). It is also celebrated for its crazy good food scene, and has great nightlife. Here are six reasons why you want to make sure you’re booked to come with us for this epic racing event:

1) The Racing. The Circuit of the Americas in Austin is the first in the US that was purpose-built to host Formula One racing, and offers a state-of-the-art facility that was only completed in 2012. Drivers love this circuit because it is tough, and the sweeping fast sections and tight corners mean they have a chance to truly test their skills with every circuit. This Grand Prix is going to be thrilling, and you’ll get to see the world’s best drivers compete here.

2) The Nightlife. Whether you opt into our customized package that gives access to the exclusive Amber Lounge Austin, or opt to do your own thing once the racing is over, you’ll have an excellent time once the sun goes down in Austin. There are more than 250 live music venues in the city, where you can catch everything from rock to country to jazz (and whatever other genre you can think of) every single night of the week. There are plenty of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants that stay open late late late too.

3) The Food Scene. Sure you can pick up amazing Tex-Mex food at hole-in-the-wall joints, and there are food trucks aplenty to experience in Austin, but there also happens to be some of the most excellent fine dining restaurants in the US that call the city home too. Check out this list of the city’s best restaurants from Bon Appetit to tantalize your tastebuds.

4) The Golf Courses. If playing a round or two always adds to your travel experiences, then you won’t be disappointed with Austin, which was recently named the best golf destination in the Us by Golf Magazine. Here you’ll find world class courses to enjoy in perfect weather, offering a variety of challenges even for seasoned golfers.

5) The Spas. In and around Austin are some truly beautiful spas just perfect for whiling away an afternoon, a weekend, or longer. From the superb destination Spa at Travaasa with its array of massages, healing rituals, beauty treatments, and personalized services, to the exclusive Spa at the Four Seasons, there are lots of places to go and get pampered in this city.

6) The Hospitality. Considering the size of this city, and the many accolades that Austin receives, it still manages to retain the small college town charm that it has always had, and that inimitable southern hospitality that visitors always fall in love with when they visit Texas.

Ready to find out just how awesome Austin is and come with us? Contact us to find out more about our 2015 United States Grand Prix Packages.





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