Figure skating is one of the most watched events of the Winter Games for many nations. The world loves to watch skilled young hopefuls dressed in glamorous attire, working through routines that showcase their skill and athleticism. Figure skating has a special allure that has us eager to see what this next games in PyeongChang will bring us, and what magic awaits us there on the ice.

We are of course in love with the personalities that figure skating brings us, from the flamboyant brilliance of Johnny Weir, to the high drama of the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan story, and the young competitors that come out of nowhere and just blow us away.

For many American boomers, Peggy Fleming was the star that brought them to figure skating, and her Winter Games Gold performance in 1968 was flawless and so was she. The artistry that these athletes engage us with is just incredible, and if we can fall in love with them and their stories, all the better.

Let’s consider for a moment the extreme skill it takes to pull off something as visually spectacular as a lateral quadruple twist. These young athletes work so incredibly hard to make everything look flawless, and effortless, when in reality they’ve no doubt taken many a tumble and risked career-ending injuries to get it looking that way. The athleticism and drive involved is just incredible. We watch and are transported away, holding our breath as each move is executed.

As Canadians (most of the Roadtrips team is based in Winnipeg), we are especially thrilled that for the first time in 50 years, Canada will have three spots in the PyeongChang Winter Games. This is due to Kaetlyn Osmond recently taking the silver at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, whilst Gabrielle Daleman took the bronze.

There are some incredible skaters to watch out for in the PyeongChang Games from the world over. We aren’t 100 per cent sure who will be there right now, but when Evgenia Medvedeva won gold at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, she was defending her title, so it seems a fair bet that she will be competing in PyeongChang. US ice dancing siblings Maia and Alex Shibutani are expected to shine in the Games, and we cannot wait to see them perform again.

The Winter Games are hugely popular with viewers the world over. Sixty-eight per cent of US households tuned in to watch the Sochi Winter Games. Interestingly, the Winter Games is one of the few sporting events where more women tune in than men, and figure skating finals are the events that draw the largest numbers of viewers. We just can’t get enough of the skills, and the sequins, it seems.

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