A Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, featuring a distilled Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane called cachaça, which when mixed with muddled limes and sugar creates a delightful cocktail that has been gaining popularity around the world since cachaça became widely available outside of Brazil. While the ingredients may seem simple, mixing the perfect Caipirinha can be difficult. Here is our tips on mixing up this delicious Brazilian cocktail:

  1. Roll one large green lime per glass to soften and release the juices
  2. Cut off each end and cut into small pieces
    (Be sure to leave the peel on for that brilliant Brazilian green colour)
  3. Pound the lime bits together with a heaped tea spoon of sugar
    (If you have a muddler, great! If not, the back of a spoon will do the trick)
  4. Add ice up to the top of a lowball or rocks glass
  5. Add cachaça until it covers the ice (approximately 2 ounces)
  6. Stir or shake well and serve

While this is the traditional form of the cocktail, you can also consider a number of variations to create your perfect Caipirinha.

Looking for something a bit sweeter?

Try replacing limes with another fruit such as pineapple, strawberries, passion fruit, mangos or any other juicy fruit, creating a sweeter version of a Caipirinha referred to as a Caipifruta.

Can’t find cachaça?

Whether you can’t find the right liquor, or just prefer to use your favorite spirit, you could try making a Caipiroska which uses vodka instead of cachaca a Caipirissima which uses rum, or a Caipisake made with sake.

If you’d prefer to be handed one of these in a gorgeous bar or restaurant in Rio than to make one yourself, then you should come with us to the Summer Games next year. Contact us to find out how we can create the trip of your dreams. 


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