If you’re planning on heading to South America to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix, you’ll probably want to make sure that you check out some of the most exciting things to do in Sao Paulo Brazil while you’re there.  Of course, the ultimate attraction is on the race track, but while you’re in Brazil, you might as well check out some of these amazing sights that will complete your trip.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Mercado Municipal.  If you want to find a place where some of the most traditional and fresh food comes together under one roof, you’ll want to head to the Municipal Market of São Paulo.  This 12,600 square foot building is covered with 32 panels of stained glass and houses about 450 tons of food each day that the market is open.
  • Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP).  The museum, which was completed in 1968, has hosted a comprehensive collection of Western art for many decades.  The museum is located above a plaza that hosts an antiques fair on Sundays, so you’ll get double-duty out of your visit if you’re looking for things to do in Sao Paulo Brazil on a Sunday.
  • Mocotó.  You’ll certainly want to try some great food while you’re visiting Latin America.  Mocotó is known for receiving several awards for the incredibly impressive cuisine on its menu.  It’s an easy trip on the metro blue line to Zona Norte, where an amazing meal is sure to await you.
  • Banespa.  You can’t prove that you found amazing things to do in Sao Paulo Brazil if you don’t have some great pictures ready to show your friends when you return.  The observation deck of Banespa, a 1939 skyscraper, offers you panoramic views that offer some perfect photo ops.
  • Caos.  Want to hang out where the locals go?  Caos is exactly that; it’s a little bit of chaos mixed with some interesting stories and friends that you just haven’t met yet.  This bar and antique store is just as eclectic in terms of personalities as it is with the collectibles that it offers for sale.  If you’re going tort visit this place, make sure you go into it with an open mind, and be ready to tell some stories to your friends when you get back home!
  • Mosteiro São Bento.   The stunning beauty of the 1598 neo-gothic church known as Mosteiro São Bento is one of the city’s oldest churches, and it includes some gorgeous stained glass features that leave visitors in complete awe of its architecture.  When it comes to things to do in Sao Paulo Brazil, consider attending a mass here, which typically occurs at 10:00am on Sunday and tends to include unique Gregorian chanting.
  • Casa da Vila.  Whether you’re looking for some special items to take home for yourself or you have friends and family members you’d love to present with awesome souvenirs when you get off the plane, what’s better than a mansion filled with Fair Trade crafts that are made by local artisans?  The beautiful 1929 mansion that houses this market is well preserved, and you’ll find over 3,000 items that are for sale by local craftspeople that put their love into their work.

If you need help finding things to do in São Paulo Brazil, contact our team at Roadtrips, Inc.  We love helping our clients find amazing things to do to enhance their custom sports travel packages!

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