There are many exciting moments in Final Four Basketball history. Each year, the Final Four brings together the regional champions from the East, South, Midwest, and West regions of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. The four teams are matched against each other on the last Saturday of the tournament and the two winners confront each other on the next Monday evening. This is a battle of the best college basketball teams in the country and reveals some of the most magical moments in the history of American basketball. Here is Roadtrips’ list of the 4 greatest moments in Final Four Basketball history:

 1. Kansas vs. Memphis – 2008 Final

With less than ten seconds remaining in regulation, Kansas capped a nine-point comeback to force overtime with Memphis and win the national championship. It is was one of the most memorable moments in Final Four Basketball history and one of the most exciting games for the title in recent basketball history. It was difficult not to become a fan of Mario Chalmers when he sent Kansas into overtime with his three-point shot in the last ten seconds. Memphis and their point guard Derrick Rose were defeated in a game in which Kansas proved to be capable of incredible force.

2. Indiana vs. Syracuse – 1987 Final

With Bob Knight at the helm, Indiana won many titles and made their own contributions to American basketball history. However, their title for the 1986-87 season against Syracuse was also one of the greatest moments in Final Four Basketball history. Basically, the championship was won by the winning shot of Keith Smart in the closing moments of the final. The Indiana Hoosiers have not won a championship since winning the title in 1987.

3. North Carolina vs. Georgetown – 1982 Final

Although Michael Jordan had many magical moments in the NBA, the 1982 NCAA championship final was his greatest collegiate moment. With a clinching shot with just under a minute to play, he brought North Carolina the victory against the Georgetown Hoyas. This was a game that brought together many future NBA stars, including Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Patrick Ewing, and Eric Sleepy Floyd.

4. Michigan State vs. Indiana State – 1979 Final

This was another beautiful game in Final Four Basketball history, featuring two of the greatest in collegiate and NBA basketball, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Magic ended his collegiate career in a brilliant game where he drove his Michigan state squad to win the 1979 title against the underdog Indiana State team. Despite the defeat, Larry Bird went on to have a Hall of Fame-worthy NBA career and together with Magic Johnson they participated in the league’s era of major popularity during the 1980s. Five years later, Larry Bird avenged the loss and defeated Magic and the Lakers in the NBA Finals of 1984, bringing his Boston Celtics a seven-game series victory.

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