For those tried and true Formula One fans, nearly every event on the 2014 F1 Calendar could be considered a “must-see” event.   There is speed and strategy and drama in every single race, and it’s almost impossible to decide which will be the best of them all.  However, for the purpose of this post we will highlight 4 of the premier events on the 2014 F1 Calendar, so race lovers can plan their ideal F1 travel package

1.  United States Grand Prix

For American F1 lovers, the United States Grand Prix is a very exciting event that was just started up in 2012.  The race takes place at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.  It is a German-designed race course and it is every bit as fast and challenging as what you’d find anywhere in Europe.  As always, a Roadtrips package for the United States Grand Prix will include luxury accommodations, premium seats to the race and lots of extras for an unforgettable trip.

2. Gran Premio d’Italia

While the US Grand Prix is more or less new, the Gran Premio d’Italia has been going since 1921.  The Monza racing circuit is the oldest permanent circuit in Europe that’s still in use, and it’s in the classic city of Milan to make it even more appealing.  Along with the world class racing, you’ll be immersed in beautiful art, music, food and fashion.

3.  Monaco Grand Prix

Another long time F1 race, the Monaco Grand Prix, began in 1929 and has been one of the highest profile sporting events in the world for decades.  Monte Carlo is definitely a place to be seen, and celebrities and socialites are always a big part of this long-standing Formula One race.  Your Roadtrips Monaco Grand Prix package will put you right there in the action with premium seating, luxury accommodations, VIP dinners and private tours.

4.  Canadian Grand Prix

Gilles Villeneuve is a Canadian racing icon who met his untimely death during qualifying for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix.  The F1 driving circuit in his native Quebec has been named after him and it is home to the Canadian Grand Prix F1 race.  Known as the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve, the track is situated on a man-made island in the St. Lawrence River.  And if the race itself isn’t exciting enough, the city of Montreal is right there to make it even more intoxicating.  Montreal is one of the most multi-cultural cities in North America, and described by many as a mini-Europe.

Of course, there are many more exciting events on the 2014 F1 Calendar, and the only real way to get access to them is to contact someone here at Roadtrips and set it all up.

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