Horse races are truly the sport of celebrity, extravagance, tradition and luxury. At Roadtrips, we can give you access to these exclusive events with our custom travel packages. Here are the top 3 races you should be looking forward to in 2013:

Horse Racing Events

Kentucky Derby: There is nothing quite like the Kentucky Derby, making it the top event to see in horse racing. On Saturday May 4, 2013, ladies should be prepared to come out in their most dazzling derby hats, while gentlemen can enjoy a mint julep. Held at Churchill Downs, this race is the first leg of the “Triple Crown”.
The Run for the Roses is one of the most viewed horse races of the year, and is considered the best two minute sporting event in the world.  This two day event is filled with food, drinks, hats, fancy dresses, tradition and much more. This event occurs in May every year and is one that you will need to plan for in advance. With regulars populating the stands and the very best seats filling up quickly, you will want to book early.
Preakness Stakes: With the Kentucky Derby preceding it and the Belmont Stakes following it, the Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the “Triple Crown” and is a pivotal race to watch this May. Held in Baltimore, Maryland, the 138th running of the Preakness Stakes race is termed “The Run for the Black Eyed Susans.”
This event is one of the most popular events to come in horse racing, as it ranks second in North America, falling just behind the Kentucky Derby. The traditions held at this event are also a spectacle to see. As soon as the winner is announced, a painter immediately repaints the horse and rider on a weather vane that sits atop the winner’s circle to reflect the winning jockey’s colours.
Belmont Stakes: The Belmont Stakes is the third and last of the Triple Crown races, held each year in June. Head down to Belmont Park, New York as riders compete in what is called the “Run for the Carnations”.
This event is the ultimate horse racing spectacle as it provides the possibility of seeing a Triple Crown winner, making it the location of some of the most famous moments in American racing. Be there to witness the excitement and history at Belmont Park Saturday June 8, 2013, and perhaps you’ll see the First Triple crown winner since 1978!
Roadtrips can help you put together the perfect horse racing travel package. Whether you want to see just one of these historic races or catch them all, we’ll work with you to customize the right trip for you. Contact us today to book your sports travel package.

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