Kite SurfingThe 2016 Summer Games will host three new and exciting sporting events – golf, rugby, and kitesurfing. While it is the first appearance for kitesurfing, which is a relatively new sport, it will be a happy return for rugby and golf. The three sports will be part of the overall 28 sports and 38 disciplines that Rio’s 2016 Summer Games will showcase. Here are three new sporting events you can look forward to in 2016:

Golf – 2016 will be the first Summer Games appearance for Golf in 112 years! The golf Olympic format focuses on an individual-based competition with 60 golfers participating in the men’s and women’s competitions. Golfers will play 72 holes of stroke-play on several golf courses throughout Brazil and the winner will not only be recognized as the Summer Games champion, but will also be the Golf Medalist of their country. For many golf fans, the 2016 Summer Games will be a memorable occasion that will reveal the beauty and magnificence of golf, a sport that is revered by so many people across the globe. The first 15 players on the World Golf Rankings will participate automatically in the games, while the rest of 45 participants will qualify through the World Golf Rankings, with emphasis on no more than two players for each country. Tiger Woods, as well as Annika Sorenstam have showed interest in participating in the 2016 Rio Summer Games, increasing golf’s worldwide popularity.

Sevens Rugby – Golf is not the only sport that is making a comeback in 2016. Sevens Rugby will also make a triumphant return with both women’s and men’s teams. The current plan is to have 12 teams in both genders split into three groups of four. However, this format is different from the Sevens World Cup, which involves 24 teams split into six groups. Rugby has been featured before in the Summer Games as 15-man rugby from 1900 until 1924. The increasing popularity of this sport has made it easily accepted as one of the three new sports events of the 2016 Summer Games. Qualification requirements are yet to be decided, but many see that sevens rugby can help a larger number of countries participate in a team sport at the Summer Games.

Kitesurfing – Kitesurfing makes it to the 2016 Summer Games despite being a relatively new sport. Kitesurfing will replace windsurfing in this world competition with just a single Olympic kitesurfing event for men and women. The event will take place on the beautiful shores of Rio. Kitesurfing was also recently featured at the 2013 Sailing World Cup and will be appearing at the 2014 World Championships, which eventually lead to the 2016 Summer Games.  Kitesurfing is undoubtedly a fresh concept to the Games, but it is expected that the sport and its participants will be supported by a worldwide audience.


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