On our blog last week we gave a primer to five of the 2018 World Cup host cities in Russia, and this week we wanted to share info on the remaining six.

Russia is an incredibly diverse country made up of so many different cultures spanning vast geographic regions, and we love that an event like the 2018 World Cup shows off places that we might never have even heard of, let alone have a really excellent reason to visit like we do now.


This historic city is the political capital of the Ural Mountains, and the fourth largest city in Russia. Yekaterinburg is a bustling city with plenty to see and do, and has become a major tourist draw in recent years owing in part to the large number of classic buildings and important federal monuments in the city. Here you’ll find the most northern skyscraper in the world, and Russia’s only skyscraper that is located outside of Moscow.


This modern looking city is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, and although it’s relatively small in size, it produces a staggering number of athletes that go on to compete worldwide in various sports. There are good restaurants, malls, and spas to visit, and the city has some beautiful architecture (the city was formed as a fortress back in 1641). The new arena that has been built for the 2018 World Cup looks amazing, and there’s a lot of excitement building for the matches that will be held there.


This cosmopolitan city is the largest in Southern Russia, and is a fun place to spend a few days around the matches it will host. Known simply as Rostov to locals, this port city is on the Don River, and offers sandy beaches and good seafood restaurants. As modern as Rostov is, there’s a lot of interesting history to explore there too.


You’ll no doubt remember that this is where the last Winter Games were held, but this Black Sea Resort city offers visitors lots of fun activities year round. Sochi has some beautiful classical architecture, parklands, ski resorts, and spas. It is a lively city full of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and gets very busy with tourists in the summer.


If you want to experience the type of architecture you see in old Soviet propaganda posters, come to Volvograd, which used to be Stalingrad, rebuilt after its decimation in World War II. There are museums that pay homage to the rich and brutal history of this town in southwest Russia, but there are also spas and resorts to experience there.


This green and pleasant city has inspired much Russian literature, and is a mix of historical buildings and a fun urban culture. While there you can sun yourself on the beaches along the Volga River and the longest embankment in Russia, or enjoy the many attractions that make the city so popular with visitors, such as the many museums, monuments, parks, and gardens.


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