If you’ve been watching the Australian Open, you already know that this year is shattering expectations as to who will come out on top. At the time of writing this blog post, both the female and male number ones are out, and as a consequence the field is more open to up and comers and underdogs. All this creates drama, making 2017 a fantastic year to get to one of the remaining Grand Slam events.

Our Vice President of Marketing, Jeff Wills, is a huge tennis fan, and is very excited about the current state of play. “Sometimes you have such a dominant number one, like Novak Djokovic on the men’s side, and Serena Williams on the women’s side, the tendency is to think they’re going to win 90% of all the tournaments that they are in. When it feels as though the number 1 is unbeatable, as exciting as it is to watch a dominant player, it feels like now the field has tightened up,” Wills says. “There’s a changing of the guard this year, no one knows how it is going to play out. Uncertainty makes for exciting tennis.”

On a personal level, being Canadian, Wills loves following Milos Raonic. “It is nice to finally have a very good tennis player to follow. He is such a strong server, and number three in the world right now,” he says.

If watching younger players and up-and-comers excites you, then Wills has a tip: You might want to consider booking to go to one of the Grand Slam events on the first weekend of the tournament instead of for the finals weekend. “There is tennis going on 18 – 20 courts, so even if your favorite player isn’t playing at that moment you could walk over and watch wheelchair tennis, or see the up and coming junior men and women on the smaller courts and you’ll only be 10-15 feet from the action,” he says. “To see the pinnacle, players winning the event is obviously a huge draw, but there are alternative ways to do these events. If you have certain players that you want to watch, by only booking for the finals you might not actually get to see them play, but you have a better chance on that first weekend.”

Which Grand Slam should you attend? Well, each tennis event is so different and offers a unique experience, steeped in its own history and traditions. Destination is also a consideration, as the French Open gives you Paris, the US Open New York, and Wimbledon gives you London. Each destination offers its own allure. “Because of this, there are a lot of people who might not even be a hardcore sports fan, but they still really want to go to one of those cities and catch a day or two of tennis,” says Wills.

Whichever event appeals, we can get you there in the very best style, and organize a trip that includes tours and VIP experiences that will ensure that your trip is amazing. Contact us now to start planning the Grand Slam experience of your dreams.


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