Champions LeagueEvery year, the Champions League Finals brings together millions of people who watch in suspense the incredible match that decides the best soccer team in Europe. The UEFA Champions League is a competition that always reveals new talents and reinforces existing ones, catapulting players to higher levels of success. The best soccer clubs in Europe reunite in a competition that is an enduring test of talent, strategy, team work, and nerves. The 2014 Champions League Final will undoubtedly be the most-viewed sporting event of the year.

Supported by an extraordinary track record, the UEFA Champions League has been thrilling soccer fans for nearly 60 years. It is an annual tournament that culminates with a final match organized by the Union of European Football Associations or UEFA. The first event was organized in 1955 as the European Cup or European Champions Cup. It was renamed the Champions League in 1992. The 2014 UEFA Champions League Final will be held in one of the most beautiful places in Europe – Lisbon, Portugal.

The Final match will be played on Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, a venue chosen by the UEFA Executive Committee in March of 2012. It will be the culmination of the 59th season of this prestigious European premier club football tournament. The stadium was completely rebuilt to host the UEFA Euro 2004 final. The new Estádio da Luz continues the remarkable history of the original stadium of the same name.

The 2014 UEFA Champions League Final represents the best that Europe and the world has to offer when it comes to football. European football teams bring together the best football players in the world, coming from South America, Africa, or Asia. The finalists are two of the best European teams that have fought a long strategic battle in every single game to get there. This battle reveals an extraordinary desire to succeed as well as physical and mental strength and leadership among players. It is also a match that may bring together two legends of the European Champions League or unveil two surprise teams that no one thought they would ever see in the final. Whichever the case, the final is a unique event that everyone wants to watch. Each player is supported by millions of fans from their own country as well as by millions of fans of the team he plays for. It is a magnificent display of talents, unique in the football arena.

 The 2014 UEFA Champions League Final will also be one of the most viewed events this year because of last year’s surprise when favorite teams did not make it into the final. Not Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester, nor any Italian team were featured in the final. The 2013 final belonged to the German teams, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund who fought their way up with determination, surprising football fans all over the world.

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